Saturday, November 2, 2013

Celebrating Halloween

What a spooktacular time for my little ones! To celebrate Halloween in our classroom the children dress up in their costumes, sing the cutest Halloween songs, pick pumpkins and end the special day off with a Halloween party! My own two beautiful children dressed in  costumes for their classroom parties too!

The day before Halloween the children painted wooden frames green (I purchased them from the local arts and craft store for $1.00 and used a 25% off entire regular priced order so they were $0.75 each!) Once the frames dried the children glued googly eyes on and a cute "Happy Halloween" sign in the top corner. My daughter got to make one too- she was SO happy in her princess costume!

The children even got a spooktacular sensory bin! I cooked pasta the morning I used the sensory bin in the classroom. Once the pasta cooled off I added a little bit of EVOO so it wouldn't stick together and then dyed it green. I bought some fun little extras to throw in at the local dollar store too!

 We also went bowling using a pumpkin and toilet paper I transformed into ghosts!  I saw this idea on Jeanetics, Fall Party ideas, simple yet so FUN! 

We decorated our class door for our Halloween party too. I found most of these cute Halloween cuties from A Cupcake for the Teacher. I LOVE her blog! 

Of course October wouldn't be complete without our Five Little Pumpkins craft (It is the peom that I have been practicing with my little one's since the first day of school!)

I cut the pumpkins out of orange card stock paper and found these mini wooden sticks in my classroom closet. I used white school glue to show the children where I wanted them to place the wooden sticks, five pumpkins and the poem- and they did the rest and what a great job they did!! As each child came up to do this craft I recited the poem with them, so you could imagine by the end of the day how I couldn't get the words out of my head :)

The children also got to create pumpkins using a piece of pool noodle and their fingers to add some details. 

 For the party the children made Halloween bags to put all their goodies in! The second picture of the bags all lined up was from two years ago. I realized that since the parents bring in so many things that the bags needed handles so this year we modified them slightly. :)

Some other cute Halloween crafts from my own two children. I LOVE the triangle witch since we taught the children about triangles in the month of October. Very creative!

 My kids each made a mummy with black eyes.

 My son and daughter made these bats out of egg cartons with their teachers, but I've seen this craft all over Pinterest- my FAVORITE place to find ideas. 

 My daughter made this adorable Halloween banner with her teacher last week. I have seen this project on Pinterest a lot this month. My daughter was so proud of her work that I hung it right on the fire place.