Sunday, November 3, 2013

Handprint spider and lacing web!

What a fun craft this was. I knew I wanted to do something with spiders for October so I have been looking around for a while. Last year I did marble painting to make a web on construction paper and then used a spider like below. While I liked that craft I knew I wanted to work more on fine motor skills with them and that's when I came across this! I found this on Mom Endeavors, and just modified it a little bit. It did take several days to complete the end result really shows off all their hard work! 

The children each started with a white paper plate and a choice of green, orange, or purple fluorescent tempera paint. After the children's plates dried I used a hole punch and made 8 punches around the plate. Depending on their age and time allowed for each child to complete the craft you can make as many or as few punches around plate as desired. I tied black yarn to one of the holes, long enough so that the children can lace it through all holes to create the web (I tried lacing it myself a few times to make sure I was giving them enough yarn to work with).  Once the children finished lacing the webs we painted their hands with black tempera paint and created a spider on white construction paper. Once dried I cut out their little tiny spiders. They finished the project off with two googly eyes on the spider and gluing the spiders onto the webs. It was definitely not a simple craft but well worth all the time and effort.