Thursday, March 9, 2017


Around this time of year we begin talking about Easter. In our classroom we learn about Jesus and how he gave his life for us, so we can be here today. There are so many fun things we do to celebrate this special day in our room. Check out some of their crafts below! 

The children made stained glass windows with a cross in the middle. We used a precut piece of laminating paper and a glue stick. once they finished sticking all the tissue paper on we added the cross on top and put them through the laminator. 

The little ones got to dye easter eggs too! What fun they had picking the colors for the eggs and watching them turn all different colors! 

While their eggs dried we made little chicks cups to take home their eggs in! 

We also made baby chicks (originally found here) for our hallway bulletin board. 

My little ones used a pom pom, tweezer, white paint, and a bunny cut out to make this adorable craft. I found the original idea here. Too cute!

For our Easter celebrations we bag goodie bags using stained glass cross and lily's made by outlining their little hands. 

Here are some cute things my two kids and other little ones in the preschool made over the years. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A year full of bulletin boards

As the new year begins I'd like to look back on some of my all time favorite bulletin boards of the past few years. Enjoy!

Some of my co-workers beautiful bulletin boards during those special months! 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sports Day

Sports Day in our preschool is always so much fun! The children and staff all come in their favorite team's Jersey or appeal, participate in tons of fun and sports related activities, and of course make sports themed crafts. 

One of my favorite crafts for Sports Day are the gold medals we make. For this craft I use child-safe, air dry clay that you can find in any local arts and craft store. We start by giving each child a small ball of clay that they push into a flat circle. After, they take a number "1" stamp and push it into the middle of the clay to make the impression. Once the clay dries completely the children paint the medals with gold paint and I add the ribbons. 

 Another one of my favorite crafts for Sports Day is the football! After a little game of toss the football the children all make their own! They each take the football and roll it into paint and then across brown construction paper. After an hour I cut out mini football shapes out of their paper. Then, in a group all the children sit and finish their footballs by adding the laces and other pieces. 

The baseball bat is always my favorite. The kids use yarn to glue onto the baseball and color in the bat with the brown crayon. So simple yet such a cute craft.