Saturday, November 16, 2013

Turkey tracks and more

We made turkey tracks this week! I took three bendy straws and used two small rubber bands to keep them in place. 

 The children dipped the straws in brown paint and pushed the straws onto construction paper. I noticed that the more paint that was on the straws the better the "turkey tracks" came out.
 Here come our turkeys! Gobble gobble :)

Since the color of the month is brown, we made corduroy bear out of BROWN paper bags. :) I had the children glue corduroy's green overalls on and try to find two of the same matching buttons to glue on. They also added little ears, arms, and eyes to finish him all. After I read Corduroy's Thanksgiving during snack time I let the children hold the puppets and interact with each other.

Focusing more on the shape of the month (square), I had the children stamp squares using a wooden block that I covered in yarn (found idea on Pinterest). I gave them an orange and yellow stamp pad and let them stamp away!

Last year I used paint instead of ink and I wasn't crazy about how it turned out. When the children dipped the block in the paint it seemed to be too much and caused the block to slide around the paper. It was hard to make out the finish result so we changed it up a bit this year. 

My son made this adorable turkey in his class last week. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw what he loved most about Thanksgiving. He is truly a replica of my husband, and I love it.

My little girl made a crow out of a toilet paper roll. This little guys hat was made by gluing a square piece of felt onto a cut egg carton to create that shape, so smart!!

She also made this clay pot turkey. She painted the pot brown and the following day glued the feathers and face on. I can't wait to find something to fill it with for Thanksgiving.