Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spring is in the air

For the month of April we learn about diamonds, rainbows, Earth Day, Diversity, Dinosaur day, and so much more. Here a few a things we did during the month of April. 

We learned about diamonds in April! The children made kites using tissue paper and a spray bottle. Once completed the kites were hung on our bulletin board for all to see! They also made a diamond using four Popsicle sticks for their binders. 

This month we also talked about rainbows. As a way to review all the colors the children made rainbows coming out of clouds. The children followed a template of the colors of the rainbow in order. They all did such a great job with this craft!

This huge rainbow we made for our Preschool Annual Art Show a few years back. Each color is decorated with things that we've used throughout the year. The detail when up close to the project is amazing. The children had so much fun helping build our beautiful rainbow! 

We celebrated earth day in our classroom too! The children learned that “earth” is where we live, and how it is important to keep our earth clean. The children even got to dig in dirt and plant "flowers" with their shovels and other tools. One of my favorite projects of the year is our hand print earth we made together as a class. 

In April we also learned about diversity among people. As a group, the children made paper friends. Of course, each is special and unique just like our little ones. 

I have to say, we had a DINO-mite day here in our classroom for Dinosaur day. We made fossils using the feet of dinosaurs or miniature dino’s that were pressed into clay then baked. We also played in a rice sensory bin digging up little dinosaurs. We even made bright colored dinosaurs out of cardstock and once they dried the children added clothes pins. Love anything to help their fine motor skill development.

Here are some other cool crafts different classes did for dino day in the preschool.

Check out some other fun things we did the month of April in classroom. 



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