Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter wonderland

I love everything about January! The beautiful white snow, bare trees, chilly brisk air and the smiling faces of my little two year old's in my classroom.
January in our classroom covers many different concepts such as learning about rectangles, the colors blue and white, Doctors occupation for community worker of the month, winter, snow and much more! Here are a few things we have done so far, ENJOY! 

We made shapes snowmen!  

Our classroom door! We decorated foam snowflakes. I purchased a package of 24 snowflakes with fun little accents to glue on from the local arts and crafts store.  

Found the melted snowman craft on Pinterest and I had to do it! The kids had a ball with it! 

We also made sun catcher winter mittens! "Colds hands but very warm hearts" is the motto here at Preschool in the winter.

Shape of the month: Rectangles! 

Our ADORABLE hallway bulletin board! Penguins are so perfect for January and to make them extra cute each penguin has a colorful winter hat! 

This is my January bulletin board from last year. Very similar to this one I just changed a few things.

I've seen this craft all over Pinterest and I couldn't wait to do it! I love how it turned out, don't you?

Our classroom bulletin board! Wintery fun all over!  

Snowflakes! The children used small paint brushes, blue and white paint, and silver glitter! After they painted and sprinkled glitter onto the paint they used a large sponge to mix everything together. 

This is what it looked like before the children sponged painted the snowflake.

We made a life size snowman as a group project! The children painted three big circles I drew onto white bulletin board paper, using half glue half shaving cream. Once our snowman dried I cut it out and the children decorated 'Frosty'. They added a hat, buttons for eyes and a carrot nose. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast. 

The paper plate snowman craft was one of the favorite among the little one's. One of my co-workers in the preschool did this craft with her little ones in the beginning of the month which is where I got the idea from.

 Learning the color of the month is always fun with paint! Using paint, glitter and their tiny hands we made these cute little snowflakes... and of course like my students- no two are alike! 

These Ice skates were all about fine motor development. The children used tweezers to pick up the jewels and their tiny fingers to thread the ice skates' laces. 

Last year my children made polar bears using white Styrofoam cups as the body and a cotton ball for the nose.

 Last year my son made this with his teacher. Love this little snowman!

My daughter made this polar bear with her class. She was so proud of this craft- I couldn't wait to bring it home and hang it on the refrigerator.  

My daughter made this cute little guy too! 

This was SO creative. My daughters class used glue and "snow" to create a wintery scene on a blue circle. Then it was glued onto the inside of one plate and the second plate (middle cut out) was glued on top to create the "snow globe". Each child got to take a picture with their jacket on as they were pretending to catch snow. 

For Chinese New Year my daughter made this dragon craft with her class.