Sunday, January 10, 2016

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

For Martin Luther King Day last year I traced each of my little one's hands onto multicultural construction paper. Their handprints were used to make a giant heart, which was displayed in our hallway with the caption “I Have a Dream” in the middle.  I also brought in a white egg and a brown egg. I showed the children the two eggs and explained to them that even though they look different on the outside when you break them open they’re exactly the same on the inside. We talked about how even though each one of us look different on the outside we all have feelings on the inside and most importantly we are ALL FRIENDS. 

Here are some other crafts that children in our preschool did. So many creative ideas. 

Winter Wonderland

The learning concepts for the month of January include: rectangles, the colors blue and white, winter animals, the import job of doctors, and even some themed days like Sports Day 

There is so much surrounding the colors blue and white this month. We began the month learning about snowflakes. The children learned that each snowflake is different and unique just like every child in our classroom. For a group project they made snowflakes using white and blue paint, glitter and different size paint brushes. 

We also made snowmen out of white paper plates. I have two different ones that I have done over the years with my two's. I think both are super cool! 

In January we also learn about all different kinds of WINTER animals, such as: polar bears, penguins, walrus' and red robins. We made a lot of fun crafts surrounding this topic too! 

For the polar bear craft I used a cut out of a mommy and baby bear out of contact paper. I pealed the back and we stuck the contact paper onto the watercolor paper. Then the children, using blue water color painted on top and around the contact paper to create this work of art. To finish it off the children used a glue stick and iridescent glitter to make "snow". I love this craft! 

Here are some other fun crafts we do in the month of January in our room! 

For this craft  I cut the construction paper into printer size paper and printed the words "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" on the bottom of the paper. Once I was done I just cut out the hearts from the paper. So simple, yet so cute! 

For community helper of the month we learned about doctors and all the important things they do. We talked about the ways to stay healthy by eating good foods, going to the doctors for check-up and the different ways to protect ourselves from germs. I showed them some different doctor tools, of course their favorite was the stethoscope! After our lesson our little ones became doctors themselves when we took out all of our doctor kits and gave our baby dolls check ups. They even got to fill their own doctors kits with stuff doctors use in their office as their craft for the day.