Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hearts, Love and Valentine's Day fun!

LOVE is the word of the month for February and what a great word it is! We talk about so many wonderful things during February, but the most important topic is about Valentine's Day and different ways to show our friends and family how much we love them.

My favorite craft is the "Guess WhoOo loves you" craft. We started the day off by tracing the children's hands on pink card stock paper and taking their pictures. Once we cut everything out the children made their special Valentine's Day gifts. I LOVE this craft and think it is such a great way of showing their families how much the children love them. 
After the children finished the craft I wrote on the front of the right hand, "Guess whoOo" and the left hand, "loves you" to tie everything together. :)

As another way to celebrate Valentine's Day in our room we decorated cards and "mailed" them to our friends and family. Each child got to glue hearts and pieces of scrap paper onto a heart shaped doily and then we personalized it with their name and kind words to the recipient. My assistant covered a shoe box in pink construction paper, added embellishments and cut a slit on the top of the box to use as our mailbox. The kids loved mailing out their letters! 

This took so prep work but I'm so happy I did it. I found the original idea from where else but PINTEREST, of course! :) 
I wrote out the letters in each child's name on the hearts  before they got the the table.Then as each child came up I wrote their name out on a dry erase board. For the children who were able to identify their name on the board I asked them to match the letters to their name in the correct order. The hearts were scrabbled on the table, so it was a good letter recognition and matching activity for them. The children did a great job with this letter recognition activity and I hope to do more crafts like this with them before the year is over.   

This is our hallway bulletin board. Our cute little love bugs. <3
 I know it is very faded but this is a close up of the love bugs. This one was from my bulletin board last year and I brought home and hung in the play room so it has been faded. 
This is my son's (4 yr old program) bulletin board. Too cute- I know!

Our classroom bulletin board is covered with adorable "kisses", made out of aluminum foil and red glitter. 

We made a puppy out of different shaped hearts too!I found the original idea on Pinterest

I made this puppy craft last year with my little ones.

We had so much fun decorating white paper bags for the Valentine's Day class party by using cut celery and red paint to create flowers. Once the paint dried the children glued on green petals to complete their bags. 

We also stamped hearts using toilet paper tubes onto aluminum foil for their notebooks.

 Here are some of the fun crafts my own two children brought home this month from school! 

This was the special Valentine's Day gift the children took home last year.

For Valentine's Day I printed these adorable labels and stapled it to a bag of gold fish. Perfect gift for our school which is peanut free!

I made these tags for my little one's class last year for Valentine's Day. I used my circut to cut out the apple shape using the Doodlecharms cartridge.