Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrocks, leprechauns, green magical pudding, four leaf clovers and so much more, is how we celebrated the month of March in our classroom!Here's a look at all the fun things we did in our room this month! 

My favorite craft this month is hands down the rainbow and pot of gold craft! I painted each of their little hands to create the rainbow. Then the little ones glued their gold on and finished it off with their St. Patty's day pot. Too cute!

This was our classroom door! We covered it with shamrocks and four leaf clovers. The clovers (original idea found on Pinterest) were made using green glitter paint and white paper and their tiny little hands. The shamrocks were a collage of green material including; felt, yarn, green glitter, feathers, tissue paper, ribbon and adhesive shamrock stickers.  

This was our classroom bulletin board. The other class that shares our room did the board this month.

Here is the leprechaun we made! They used age appropriate scissors to cut around the 'beard'  of the leprechaun and then dressed him up with a hat and some eyes. I drew the smile on after and sent our happy leprechauns home with my little ones just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

This is the leprechaun my daughter made! Isn't it cute! I love the round body and overly big hat.

The day of our St. Patrick's Day party did several exciting activities with the children. This one was searching for gold. I let the children fish for gold, using a spoon. Once they found the gold in the bottom of the bowl they had to lift the spoon out with the gold on top without falling off.  What steady hands my little ones have.

 After spooning for gold the children stamped cut peppers onto white construction paper to make a shamrock!

 We also had a St. Patty's day sensory bin. Inside was green pompoms, felt shamrocks, elbow pasta that I dyed green and gold coins.

My class also made these hats for our St. Patrick's Day party! They crumbled up orange tissue paper for the beard and dipped a yellow square in gold glitter to create the hat buckle. They LOVED wearing their hats during the party!!

My daughter and I celebrating St. Patty's Day with some preschool made hats too! 

 This is a cute shamrock that hung on my classroom window, made by the other class we share our room with!
 ..and here is my handsome little leprechaun! My son made this craft last year with his teacher and loves it so much that it still hangs in their playroom a year later. :) 


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