Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Columbus Day, Wild West Day and Fire Safety

There were so many special days we enjoyed together in our classroom in October. To begin, for Columbus Day we learned about our friend, Christopher Columbus. After learning a little bit of the history of Columbus Day the children made the "ship" he sailed on the ocean blue. In previous years I made the three ships (nina pinta & santa maria) but when I saw this craft on Pinterest I knew my little ones would love it. I modified it quite a bit from the original but I really wanted to incorporated the fine motor skills component of the yarn threading so that we kept. I think they came out great. 

 Here are some other Columbus  Day crafts from other classes in our preschool in years past. 

Wild West Day was so much fun in our class this year! The children made a cactus complete with rice and wiggly eyes.  They also made a cowboy/girl boot using small colorful wooden squares and shiny spurs.  During snack time we read a book called Cowboy Small. Another one of my classes made Horse shoe photo frames which they finished off with a shinny gold glitter star. During class we played "throw the handkerchief into the hat" and "pass the horse". They had a great time. 

Here are some things that have been made for Wild West Day by my two children in previous years. 

October in our class we learn about the important job of fire fighters. We had special guests come into our room dressed in their uniforms they wear during work each day and talked about their jobs. The children were so well behaved when the firemen came in, I was so proud of them. After we learned all about fire fighters we made dalmatian fire dogs. They used their fingerprint for the black spots on the ears and glued our preschools shield onto the top of their little fire hats. I found the original idea here, which has the template I used for this craft too!  

We made fire safety rules too! 

My two children made these adorable fire fighters previous years with their teachers during October. 


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