Monday, October 21, 2013

Learing about fire safety

In the month of October we cover fire safety in our preschool. As a way to make it fun for the class I bring in fire trucks, firefighters and a fire house from my own children's playroom. New toys in the classroom always get them excited. 

It just so happened to be perfect timing to teach them about fire safety since in the beginning of the week the preschool had its routine fire drill. Once we walked back into our classroom after the fire drill I spoke about why we did that and what the fire alarm meant.

Throughout the rest of the week we spoke about what it means if we hear that bell go off in the school or in our homes and they were all giving great answers. We read several books throughout the week surrounding this theme, a few of my favorites are: Sparky, the fire dogFire Drill, and Fire Fighter. The children also get to dress up like fire fighters with costumes and even get to meet a REAL firefighter. Here are some of the fun things they made during the week.

I love this dalmatian fire dog. So cute and easy. I found the template for his hat and ears from Kids Soup

These cute fire fighters were made by my own two children with their teachers. Aren't they cute!!

During the beginning of the week I had the children finger paint with red, orange, and yellow finger paint. Once it dried I cut it into the shape of fire and glued it onto the paper. We spoke all week about some important things they needed to remember in case there was ever a fire- DON'T HIDE, GO OUTSIDE, GET HELP, & CALL 9-1-1.  

  This was a craft made last year by my little ones :)


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