Sunday, October 20, 2013

Apples and more!

The new year has finally begun and we already have so much going on inside our classroom! My favorite thing for September is the first day of school hand print craft my little ones take home. I got the original idea from In the land of Kindergarten but since my babies hands are SO SMALL I paint both hands to take up more room on the paper. I use standard white printer paper and cut it in half and then glue it onto construction paper that I also cut in half. Their little hands fit perfectly so I get two crafts out of each piece of paper!  

The poem I used this year reads, "Here are my hands with ten fingers in all, my first mark in school to hang on the wall. As the years go by I'll remember and say, "my hands and I had a very good day". So cute and the parents love it!

For September in the preschool the concepts we teach are: red, circle, apple, fall and so on, therefore the crafts I do all relate to these topics. Each day we learn something new like the color red. On this day we use red crayons and color in things that should be red, as they color I have them identify the objects. My own two children are in the 3 year old and 4 year old classes in the preschool so you can imagine the wonderful things they are creating each day as well! Here are some things we did this month relating to the concepts they learned! 

I LOVE sensory bins, especially for my little ones- so this month I made an apple themed sensory bin. I used apple cinnamon oatmeal, plastic apples, various sized red pom poms, wooden miniature pails (local dollar store) and I two made trees out of toilet paper rolls and green construction paper. Once my class was done with the sensory bin after a few uses I store all the pieces in labeled zip lock bags for next year. 

Here are some crafts from my own children that they brought home in September. Their teachers are wonderful and I'm so grateful I get to work and learn from them. 


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